About Everhard

Everhard Products, Inc.Established in 1911, Everhard Products, Inc. is an American manufacturer of specialty hand tools and other products for the Tire, Roofing, Screen, HVACR and metal fabricating industries. Based in Canton, Ohio, Everhard’s manufacturing plant is more than 152,700 square feet. Everhard’s quality management system is registered and certified to ISO 9001 standards.

“Quality First” is the cornerstone of Everhard’s corporate strategy. We demonstrate our commitment to quality by maintaining and updating quality assurance programs, which contribute to achieving our objectives: Providing quality products, continuous improvement, maintaining ISO 9001 standard and communication of quality objectives.

Everhard Products manufactures hand tools for a variety of industries. As our expertise in the each industry expands, so too, does our product line. We take pride in listening to our customers and providing innovative products to meet their needs. As technology in these industries changes, our tools are specially designed to meet new industry demands and standards.

Product Line

Tire and Rubber Everhard makes specialized hand tools and products for the tire and rubber working industries which include: tire manufacturing, hose and belt, tire retreading, patch and repair. In addition, this product line provides tools for other industries such as plastics, composites, textile and furniture repair. Some of the most popular products include: hand rollers, hand stitchers; custom trim knives, hook knives, square point knives; bias cutter blades, calender blades, mill blades, pin vent blades, and slitter wheels; knife heaters; industrial shears and scissors; line projectors; calender shells, service cores, take-up reels, and material handling carts.

Everhard seam roller in useRoofing – Everhard Products has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing tools for the commercial roofing market. Everhard was the first USA manufacturer to produce the silicone seam roller for membrane roofing and provides many other tools to be used with TPO, PVC, EPDM, and other membrane materials. Some of our commercial roofing tools consist of: Seam rollers, seam testers, detail rollers, heavy membrane rollers, membrane slitters, insulation knives, industrial shears and utility knives.

Everhard spline roller in useScreen – Everhard Products manufactures screen rollers and other tools for the commercial screen and storm sash assembly markets. We have worked with and developed special tools for screen manufacturers and screen tool distributors to provide the highest quality tools to help meet customer demand. Some products include: Screen cloth rollers, spline rollers, step-edge rollers, double-ended tools, hawkbill knives and utility knives.

Stak-N-Totes®Klenk Tools – Klenk began in 1934 as the originator of the compound action aviation snip, the most common type of hand snips sold today. Klenk Tools continues to manufacture and produce some of the most durable and high quality hand tools for the HVACR and sheet metal construction markets. Klenk’s product line includes but is not limited to: aviation snips, Fairmont tongs, hand seamers, duct knives, insulation knives, crimpers, notchers and Stak-N-tote® trays.